The Psalm 139 Project

How much does a sonogram/ultrasound machine typically cost?

We work closely with manufacturers of ultrasound machines and medical equipment distributors to secure the best machines at the lowest cost. Given that pregnancy care centers do not need machines with the latest features, e.g., 4-D imaging, we are in a better position to work with these companies in negotiating below-market prices.

While the costs for these machines fluctuate, we anticipate spending $25,000 to $32,000 for each machine.

How does a pregnancy care center begin the process applying for a machine through the Psalm 139 Project?

The first step in qualifying your center to receive a grant from the Psalm 139 Project is to fill out the provided survey. It is important to note that your center’s willingness and readiness to go medical is critical. Please keep in mind that due to the overwhelming response from centers and the limited funds in the Psalm 139 Project we are working several years ahead. Nevertheless, please complete the survey as thoroughly as possible.

Once completed, please send your survey by email to or by mail to the “Psalm 139 Project,” c/o ERLC, 901 Commerce St., Suite 550, Nashville, TN 37203.

How can I give to this effort?

Tax-deductible gifts can be sent to the “Psalm 139 Project,” c/o ERLC, 901 Commerce St., Suite 550, Nashville, TN 37203. You can also give online through PayPal. An acknowledgment and proper accounting of your gift will be provided. Contact the ERLC with your questions.

Where have machines been placed?

Why is it important for pregnancy care centers to have ultrasound equipment?

It has been over 40 years since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down the dreadful decision allowing women to terminate a pregnancy for any or no reason. The number of babies lost to abortionists is staggering.

A sonogram machine in a pregnancy care center can make the difference between life and death. Each gift to the Psalm 139 Project place us one step closer to saving another child’s life. An eternal bonus is that these women are then more open to hearing and responding to the life-saving news of the Gospel for themselves.

What is the purpose of the Psalm 139 Project?

The Psalm 139 Project is dedicated to making Americans aware of the life-saving potential of ultrasound technology in crisis pregnancy situations and to help pregnancy care centers that are ministering to these abortion-vulnerable women by providing ultrasound equipment for them to use. The project provides a way for motivated individuals to give to fund that will place ultrasound machines in qualified pregnancy care centers.

Who oversees the distribution of machines to centers and insures the funds are not wasted?

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention takes seriously our stewardship responsibilities with the gifts to the Psalm 139 Project. We understand our fiduciary role to those who give to the effort and, most important, to God who is grateful to provide the resources.

100 percent of the funds given to the Psalm 139 Project are used to purchase and place sonogram machines and for the ongoing work of the fund.

Is my gift to the Psalm 139 Project tax-deductible?

Yes. Because the Psalm 139 Project is a direct ministry of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (a religious, non-profit 501c3 organization), 100% of your contributions to the Psalm 139 Project are tax deductible.

Can I make a donation to the Psalm 139 Project and designate it for use within my local community?

While we wish we could honor geographic designations for gifts to the Psalm 139 Project, under our existing protocol, other criteria, including date of application and perceived demand for ultrasound services, has proven to be effective in determining when and where the ultrasound machines are placed. We do encourage those dedicated to protecting the lives of the unborn to determine if there is a ministry in their area in which they can serve or otherwise support.

How are Centers selected?

We seek to partner with state Baptist conventions and local Baptist associations in determining centers with the greatest need. As an example, if an area has only one pregnancy care center and a high patient count but no ultrasound equipment, they would be highly considered for support by the Psalm 139 Project. We also desire to work with centers that are closely partnered with Southern Baptist and other Bible-teaching churches. A qualified center is a "center of excellence" that is evangelistically oriented, financially able to operate a medical center, possessing the necessary licensed personnel, and having the appropriate facility.

How do gifts to the Psalm 139 Project square with the requests for ultrasound equipment from qualified pregnancy care centers?

We have witnessed a strong outpouring of support for the Psalm 139 Project in donations and in inquiries from center directors and volunteers who recognize the need to offer sonogram services in crisis pregnancy situations. We are actively partnering with state conventions, associations, and churches affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention to place additional machines and promote this ministry. Although a growing number of centers are now able to offer this life-saving technology to their guests, we have more requests for equipment than we have the funds to provide the sonogram machines.

How You Can Help

  • Contribute financially to help purchase ultrasound machines for qualifying pregnancy resource centers
  • Collect an offering in your church
  • Encourage friends and relatives to support the Psalm 139 Project
  • Volunteer at an evangelistically-oriented pregnancy resource center in your area
  • Start a pregnancy resource center if one doesn’t exist in your area to reach out to women considering abortion
  • Help spread the word about the Psalm 139 Project on Facebook

Personal Testimonies

  • I was considering abortion until I saw the little hands and feet and heard the heart beating. I realized that I’m not just carrying a mass of cells. It’s my baby, and it deserves to live.
  • I found myself pregnant when I was 34 and single. I did not know what to do or where to turn. The center offered me a sonogram, and I cried when I saw how fast its heart was beating! I knew then that I had to choose life for my baby. What a difference one picture has made in my life!
  • Seeing that picture made my decision for me.
  • There’s no way I could have an abortion now.
  • It scares me to think about how close I came to killing my baby.
  • I had no idea it had form, shape, and a heartbeat! It is amazing!
  • It was tumbling! I didn’t know it would be so developed. I couldn’t have an abortion after what I have seen.

—Pregnancy resource center clients